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The Panel (Part 1) – With today’s guests Anjum Rahman and Stephen Franks. (28′43″)

 The Panel (Part 2) – With today’s guests Anjum Rahman and Stephen Franks. (21’16”)


The Panel (Part 1) – With today’s guests Anjum Rahman and Jane Clifton. (23′49″)

 The Panel (Part 2) – With today’s guests Anjum Rahman and Jane Clifton. (25′33″)



The Israel – Palestine Problem: The perspective of a New Zealand Muslim

MP3, 14m30s, 13.3MB, first broadcast 26 January 2009

Anjum is a chartered accountant and founding member of the Hamilton Women’s Ethnic Centre and the Islamic Women’s Council. While Dave and Anjum have disagreements on the nature of Hamas and the possibility that Barack Obama might act as a transformational figure in the region, she highlights the way the media has distorted the historical relations of Jews and Muslims, and ignores those from either side of the Israel-Palestine rift who are earnestly building bridges, here and abroad.

Alice Murray and Anjum Rahman

MP3, 9m12s, 2.1MB, first broadcast 1 November 2006 

A spokesperson for the Islamic Women’s Council of NZ, Anjum Rahman talks about recent comments made by Sheikh Taj el-Din El-Hilaly, the Mufti of Australia and New Zealand. He compared immodestly dressed women to uncovered meat. But the Islamic Women’s Council says the comments have nothing to do with the Muslim view of women.


TVNZ series “My God”

My God is a weekly tv series exploring and celebrating spiritual diversity in New Zealand. In this interview based series, each programme focuses on one New Zealander, following them through a busy life where work, home, family and spiritual beliefs are part of everyday events. (

This episode: Anjum Rahman (Muslim), Accountant


If you wish to access the episode featuring Anjum, here is the link:


New Zealand Herald

But what Rahman and Danzeisen really want is to leave a legacy of kids who will give back. Rahman believes the only way to achieve tolerance is in building a strong sense of community.

Rahman is known, and becoming more so, for her outspoken views on her religion, her clothing, her politics. There’s a feminist tucked beneath the scarf. It wasn’t always this way, though there was always a rebel inside the Indian-born 40-year-old with the strong Kiwi accent.

Perhaps we could take Clarkson seriously if he actually showed any concern for us as human beings, if he credited us with enough intelligence to make up our own minds, if he had ever bothered to front up and discuss the issue with us; in short, if he had treated us as equals.

Anjum Rahman, from the Islamic Women’s Council, spoke of the insecurity in the Muslim community, particularly among women. She said the mosque attacks were politically motivated.

“We are all mainstream New Zealanders, regardless of our religion or race.”



Women of colour are activists, strong and effective, often working quietly and sometimes loudly, but in a way that will achieve the results we know are best for us. It might not be what others want for us, or we may not be doing it the way others think we should be.

But true empowerment lies in actually listening to our voices, letting us find our own solutions, and respecting us enough to accept that we are intelligent, capable human beings.

During the festival of Eid al-Fitr, Muslims dress in their finest clothes, decorate their homes, share gifts and spend time with friends and family.

“That’s the time when we do a lot of our religious type celebration and gift giving,” Ms Rahman said.


Sydney Daily Telegraph (The Telegraph)

Many Muslim women around the world have embraced the hijab, including me.

It represents not only an act of worship but also a freedom from the tyranny of constantly being judged by their physical and sexual attractiveness.

The answer to reducing violence is in the hands of our men, in the same way that the answer to reducing violence against children is in the hands of their parents. Requiring women to dress more is not going to solve these issues.

For Muslim women, the requirement to cover is related to respect.


Asian Radio Show


OMG Radio Live

Hosted by Jesse Mulligan, I’m on a panel with Steve Daniels.

Hosted by Jesse Mulligan, I’m on a panel with Ilona Rogers.


Indian Newslink

The MMP System is fairer because every vote counts.


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