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wifco logo Anjum Rahman has been an active member of the Waikato Interfaith Council for more than seven years. During that time she has been involved in the organisation of two National Interfaith Forums, and various other events for the Council, such as the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Anjum volunteers her time and energy towards meeting the goals of the Council, which include the promotion of diversity and harmony within our society. We believe that Anjum will not only bring diversity to the Hamilton City Council, but also a range of skills and her passion for building stronger communities.
Waikato Interfaith Council

I am supporting Anjum for Council because we need people of her calibre on Council.  Anjum is principled, able and skilled.  She will bring to Council her governance experience and strong community involvement – along with her financial skills as a chartered accountant.  I value her open-minded, clear-thinking and inclusive approach.In my time on Council I have tried to be a voice for those not represented around the Council table knowing, though, that there is no substitute for being one of the decision-makers. With Anjum’s election, the next Council will better reflect our diverse community.Join me in voting for Anjum for Council.Daphne Bell
Hamilton City Councillor 2004-13

  Anjum Rahman is an outstanding candidate for Hamilton City Council. Anjum has tirelessly served the Hamilton community through her roles in various not-for-profit organisations with dedication, integrity, and a deep concern for the well-being of all, especially the most vulnerable members of our community. She combines this service with a commitment to openness, accountability and financial responsibility, all of which we have observed in her long years of service as a Trustee of Shama. Equally importantly, Anjum represents the diversity that makes up our Hamilton community today. Shama’s Board of Trustees strongly endorses Anjum Rahman for Hamilton City Council.Hamilton Ethnic women’s Centre Trust (Shama)

I am supporting Anjum Rahman for Hamilton City Council as I truly believe she is an incredible candidate. She has a long history of community involvement where she always goes the extra mile to advocate for those who need support. Her skills as a respected chartered accountant will bring much needed knowledge to the council table. Having more diversity on council will better reflect the Hamilton we live in today. I have never before met such a hard working woman and Hamilton would be lucky to have her working for them.Lorraine Hooper
Hamilton East Resident

We are delighted to endorse Anjum Rahman (Chartered Accountant) as a worthy candidate for Hamilton City Council Elections. We have known Ms Rahman for 20 years during which time she has rendered valuable assistance to us. Ms Rahman in her professional and personal capacities, as a responsible and respected citizen, has had many years experience in engaging in local body and national affairs, demonstrating the capacity for analysis and balanced evaluation. Her voluntary services have been availed to many community groups and businesses. Ms Rahman has the knowledge and skills background to fulfil the duties of a Councillor. We are happy to endorse Anjum Rahman as a valuable candidate and look forward to her being elected.Janet Franks
New Zealand Russian (Waikato) Friendship Society

Anjum Rahman is an excellent candidate for Hamilton City Council. She’s a hard-working, motivated person, eager to serve the city, knowledgeable about both business and community issues, honest and ethical in her dealings with others, and very familiar with government and policy issues at national and local levels. I’ve personally witnessed her going the extra mile to help others in the community, working tirelessly on their behalf, sometimes in the middle of the night. I strongly believe that she’s a real asset to Hamilton and its people. Her sole motivation focuses on helping others first and foremost. I encourage you to vote for Anjum on election day.Sandra Shanmugam Harcourt
Hamilton East Resident

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